Screenwriting II — Week 3 — Spring 2014

Good job pitching, guys: Peter, Issac, Suraya, Austin, Odin, and Oriel.

Intersting stories and characters. Keep working on them.

Next week (Thursday, don’t forget — same time, same place) we’ll take a break earlier, say, 10:30am, so we have more time for the pitches:

Robert, David, Amani, Amanda, Apolos, Jennifer, Sharah.

Okay. In class we discussed the art of writing a synopsis.  Even if you haven’t pitched your idea yet, you can start drafting your synopsis. Don’t forget that it should be no longer than one page. Hard to do. Especially if you don’t know your story well. But try to do the best you can. I’m confident all of you will rise to the challenge.

Important points to keep in mind:

1. Introduce ONLY your central chracters by names. Protagonist, Antagonist, maybe another important character.

2. Avoid subplots. Concentrate on the main plot only. Remember, you don’t have much room to move.

3. Include the main turning points — plot points and character revelations that move the story forward. You don’t have to indicate where the plot point comes in. Simply describe what happens and how it affect your characters (if it does).

4. Reveal the ending.  We’re all in this together. No point in hiding it from us. We’d rather admire your ability to tell a story than be surprised by your ending 🙂

I included three sample synopses in the attachment below.

Synopses – samples

Your assignemnt for Thursday:

1. Those of you who pitched, work on your stories.

2. Those who are slated to pitch on Thursday, prepare solid pitches (see samples of pitches Week 1 post.)

3. Read Vogler: The Archetypes, Hero, Mentor (pp. 23-49)

See you Thursday.


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